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Just uploaded a new piece of Graphics coursework that I've been working on for a while. It's a viral advert for Thorpe Park's Fright Nights (A UK Halloween event at a theme park). I decided to add an element of interactivity, so if you can find the code, you will be rewarded!

Good luck and I hope that you all enjoy it!

A new bit of Graphics coursework is up!

...usually referred to as an "Album", but I'm not big headed enough to pretend I've made an actual album.

Anyway, "Stalled In Life" went up today, which combines Classical, Ambient and Drum 'n' Bass, so check it out!
There will be a lot more going up in the coming days, so keep 'em peeled.

Pacman Avoider Unleashed!

2009-07-08 08:37:33 by Jay-Berry

As you may have (but probably haven't) already seen, Pacman Avoider, my latest game, has just been unleashed upon the world of Newgrounds. I hope that you enjoy this twist on a classic avoider game.


I Haven't Left!

2009-06-07 15:09:34 by Jay-Berry

Contrary to not so popular belief, I have not left Newgrounds. I am, actually, currently working on a game which I hope to finish before September, if all goes well.

While waiting for that you can enjoy the "Don't Click Green Game", the Square Collaberation, or some of my music, like "Sugar Coated Dragon Tails".


Don't Click Green

2008-12-21 20:29:13 by Jay-Berry

I have created, designed, developed, directed, animated, programmed, etc a new game called Don't Click Green Game. Go Check It Out!

Don't Click Green

It Begins..

2007-10-09 12:54:07 by Jay-Berry

My first three submissions to actually get through to the portal are Dressup your ball, Satans Asassin, and my Square Collaberation. Seeing as the Square Collab is quite liked and was never finished properly I may make a sequal. Anyway please watch/play them, review and vote!

PS:If you were part of the square collab, PM me for co-authoring!

It Begins..